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Well-Come to My World!

Well, well, well . . . an interesting thing happened in my world last year.

I started the year off creating a Business Plan, writing out the Vision, Mission, Objective, Strategies and Plans for my Coaching Practice. I was determined to make it a more profitable endeavor to better align with my ever growing self-worth.

What happened, instead, was that someone recognized my talents as a good fit in the area of Human Resources. Life has an interesting way of giving us what we seek in ways we don’t expect.

At first, as is often the case, I couldn’t see it. I saw myself more as an Educator, Speaker, Counselor, Coach, Trainer and Group Facilitator.

After gaining a better understanding of the HR Position and how it would incorporate all of these roles, I felt called to do it and knew it was where I was meant to be next.

While this means putting my Coaching Practice on hold for now, I will remain connected to my coaching world and former coaching clients through My Weekly Wow blog. I will also continue to write my Monthly Articles and facilitate the annual Vision Board Session. And, on occasion, when the Spirit moves me I will accept an invitation to speak to groups and offer some Laser Life Coaching through my talks.

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