Vision Board Session

Picture This…

You, and others who are committed to personal and professional growth, carving out time to create a vision of a life you love. A life that is balanced and meaningful. A life that showcases your true priorities and one that supports who you really are and who you are meant to become. A life of joy and peace, no matter what the circumstances. A life that gives you hope. A life lived on purpose and with intention.

The Vision Board Session begins with a guided exercise on the “Wheel of Life” followed by cutting and pasting to create a personal vision. Through this hands on process, we tap deeper into our heart’s desire and our soul’s mission. Once we are clear about what we want and where we are headed, our subconscious works to help get us there. Following the Vision Board activity, we will explore potential barriers and any limiting beliefs that might interfere with the process of moving forward. Throughout the session participants receive “Laser Life Coaching” resulting in greater clarity, new awareness and the inspiration to take action making these dreams come true.

This session if offered annually on the second Saturday in January – #NationalVisionBoardDay.

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