My Weekly Wow

A Wake Up Call

As the day drew near I was often asked, “What are you going to do when your youngest goes to college?”

Without hesitation, my answer would be to “sleep more”. Waiting up for teenagers can be exhausting!

I have been enjoying an earlier bedtime.

This weekend, I got a “surprise” visit home. After a few short minutes, it was time for him to go out and spend time with friends.

As I began to concern myself with how this might affect my evening routine, I remembered an article I had just written and that was published today – “When to Surrender”.

Wow . . .

“Surrender to a good night’s sleep.”

That’s my weekly wow. Look for yours this week.

All the best,

Go Beyond

It was a bit frustrating to learn that my daughter did not receive the package I sent to her. I realized I needed to be patient with the situation.

When she returned to college this semester she forgot to take her “husband pillow” that she loves to prop up against on her bed. Without it, she was a little uncomfortable.

I decided to purchase a new one and have it delivered to her.

After several mishaps we realized the package was lost and the store graciously sent out another one. Though it took longer than expected, she finally received it and is very happy with it.

Wow . . .

“A good husband is worth the wait.”

That’s my weekly wow. Look for yours this week.

May you be well,

Home Fit for a King

I have been nesting the empty nest and noticed how preoccupied my mind has been over these house projects.

When I sat down to clear my mind and focus on some spiritual reflections, one of the first things I randomly read was this…

“God tells the prophet Haggai to urge the Israelites to stop spending so much energy on their homes and to focus on rebuilding the kingdom of the Lord.”

Wow . . .

“Use me Lord, to help build your kingdom.”

That’s my weekly wow. Look for yours this week.

Be well,