About Lucy

Lu-cy \lu-see\ n [Latin Origin] means light

1: someone to shed light on your situation, helping you discover a new and positive perspective, 2: someone to brighten your path, helping you more clearly see the possibilities ahead, 3: a well-maker

Early in her career, Lucy was hired as the first school counselor at an elementary school. She developed and implemented a school-wide counseling and guidance program that included a parent education component. Four years later, Lucy was voted “Teacher of the Year” in her district. After taking time out to raise her family, Lucy transitioned from counseling to life coaching and enjoys helping to develop people and programs in a variety of settings.

Lucy has a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is a graduate of the Institute of Life Coach Training, a Board Certified Coach and has been trained by Gallup in StrengthsFinder. Lucy not only has a passion for working with people who want to improve their lives, she has the skills and expertise to do so.





 Contact: Lucy@LucyWellmaker.com

       “I don’t try to see the positive in every situation, I just do.”